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We have plans to create a new malt whisky distillery on the Midfearn Estate and we want to work with the local community to return whisky-making to the area, with all the benefits that will bring to the local economy.

We held a consultation event on Wednesday 1st December at Edderton Community Hall in Tain, at which we exhibited our initial plans for this new distillery alongside other details of our proposals.

These exhibits are contained in the link to the information pack here.

Download information pack Proposal Information - Consultation Event no 1 [PDF - 16mb]

This initial consultation period has now ended and we have taken into consideration the comments received during that consultation period.

There is now a further opportunity to submit comments during a second consultation period, open from Friday 7th January until Sunday 30th January 2022.

This second consultation event – to be held virtually this time – will have a chat feature available on this website on Thursday 20th January 2022 from 3.00pm until 7.00pm.

For ease of reference, we have not duplicated information for this online event. Additional information can be found here.

Download information pack Proposal Information - Consultation Event no 2, 20 January 2022 [PDF - 10mb]

This includes changes to the proposal or circumstances since the initial consultation event. The document also identifies how we have changed, or are considering further changes, to address comments raised during the initial consultation period or how we will assess any potential impact raised by those who submitted responses. You should look at both pdf download documents to give you a complete picture of our proposal and we will be happy to answer questions on both documents during the virtual chat event on 20th January.

A chatbox will be available on this page from 3.00pm – 7.00pm on 20th January when a number of the Applicant team representatives will be available to answer your written questions in a “live” environment.

We will aim to submit our Scoping Report (as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process) to Highland Council week commencing 10th January 2022, and this report will be uploaded by Highland Council to its website. For your ease of reference, we will also upload a copy to this website once the Scoping Report has been submitted to Highland Council.

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You can phone Rhiannon at Scott Hobbs Planning on 0131 226 7225 or email [email protected] for further information.